So it seems Equinox (which is delving into the hotel game) and SoulCycle (which is opening inside a posh new Miami hotel) are not the only fitness phenomena dabbling in the travel sphere. Presenting: the Zumba Cruise. The final destination? “Zumba Island” (which is really Labadee, Haiti).

On Royal Caribbean’s recently announced Zumba Cruise, the crew are interested in mixing vacation-time indulgence—beach time and piña coladas are strongly encouraged—with the option to melt off all of those crème brûlée calories before you get home. Passengers will be able to schedule as many Zumba classes as they want while on the cruise, without worrying about availability. There will be 300 classes led by 130 celebrity instructors over the span of the five-day voyage.

Water activities, relaxing on the beach, inspirational speakers, and theme parties are also on the itinerary, and the trip culminates in a live concert on Zumba Island (“Zumba Island”) and relaxation on the beaches of Falmouth, Jamaica.

The maiden voyage is set for Monday, January 25, 2016, and reservations start at $644 (minus taxes/fees/port expenses). Head on over to the Zumba Cruise website for more information.

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