Zumba Gold classes are in full effect in River Grove’s St. Cyprian school.  Due to a bunch of requests, we’ve recently added a Wednesday evening class (which is starting to fill out).  Our Wednesday River Grove class is a great mix of Zumba Gold practitioners as well as a younger crowd simply looking to add another workout to their weeknights.

So why -ish???  Well, because it is becoming more of a regular Zumba class.  We are getting what seems to be younger people than older, and due to that, I have decided to increase the speed of the class to offer a more high-energy, faster pace, cardio workout.

So is it still Zumba Gold?  Yes, hence the “-ish”.  Hahaha.  Zumba Gold modifications to all aspects of the class are taught to any class member finding the routine a little too difficult to keep up with.  As always, these modifications can be used by anyone.  The classes are “at your own pace”, and I do not want you to ever push yourself beyond what you feel comfortable with.

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