Marcela Caronti

Marcela Caronti


Hi! I am so glad you decided to check my page out! WELCOME! Zumba is a passion of mine and I hope it becomes a passion of yours as well.

A little about me.

I fell in love with Zumba about 8 years ago, following the birth of my first child. As a Chilean immigrant at the age of 15, my passion for music, dance, and overall fitness were always a motivation to find the perfect workout – ESPECIALLY when I found myself trying to lose the 25 extra pounds I managed to put on when I got pregnant for the first time.  It was HARD to lose the weight, I hated running, I hated weight lifting, I hated aerobics classes, and spin classes were out of the question! I did notice that listening to music while working out made the struggle a lot easier to bear – and that is when I heard about Zumba. Love at first dance!  Before I knew it, I was losing weight, staying fit, maintaining my flexibility, and learning a few dance moves along the way. I never stopped and I continued to Zumba all the way through the birth of my second and third child.

After my third pregnancy I had already tried about 10 different instructors and had finally landed one I loved – and then I had to move.  I found myself frantically searching for the PERFECT instructor. When I realized I just wasn’t having any luck – I decided to take matters into my own hands and became a certified Zumba instructor! YES!

Now, I want YOU to feel my passion and experience to see how easy and FUN Zumba can be! Let me help you de-stress and bring the party back into your life. Work out with me and together we can meet your fitness goals and have a blast while at it!

Looking forward to ZUMBA with you!

“I highly recommend Marcela’s class!  So much fun you don’t even notice how hard you are working!  Ok, maybe a little!  It’s a tough class, but a super fun one!”

Sara Jones

Sales Representative, Mary Kay

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