Fall/Winter Zumba Apparel

Don't leave money on the table.  If you use my discount code when purchasing your official Zumba brand gear, you get an INSTANT discount applied to everything in your cart!  The discount code is "ZCM2016".Check out the newest and hottest Zumba products by clicking...

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Zumba Star – Maryna

This weeks Zumba Star is Maryna Bohdan! Congrats, Maryna! You have been coming since day one and have improved tremendously week after week.  Your commitment level is amazing and I know I can always count on you to give it your all!  Good job, Maryna!!!

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Zumba Gold-ish

Zumba Gold classes are in full effect in River Grove's St. Cyprian school.  Due to a bunch of requests, we've recently added a Wednesday evening class (which is starting to fill out).  Our Wednesday River Grove class is a great mix of Zumba Gold practitioners as well...

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Zumba Star – Mini

This weeks Zumba Star is Mini Ramirez! Congrats, Mini!  While you celebrate life this week – as a cancer survivor – you also work hard and dedicate to class every week! You bring so much to the class.  Keep it up!  We love you!

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Zumba Star of The Week!

Zumba Star of the Week is a new program I am starting to recognize all of the hard work some of you ladies are giving to each and every class. I have been so proud of the progress I have seen with so many of you, and feel you should be rewarded for it. With your permission, I’d like to take a picture of you (maybe before class when we are all a bit more presentable), and post it to the website and as well as my social media pages (facebook & twitter). Can’t wait to see who wins the Zumba con Marcela Zumba Star of the Week first!

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A Zumba Cruise?!? Oh My…

So it seems Equinox (which is delving into the hotel game) and SoulCycle (which is opening inside a posh new Miami hotel) are not the only fitness phenomena dabbling in the travel sphere. Presenting: the Zumba Cruise. The final destination? “Zumba Island” (which is...

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